Anything Goes MILF Phone Sex

I'm the MILF who loves being a Mommy, but then there is a side to me that I can't deny. Showing off my smokin' hot body, well there's no feeling like it. In reality, who you see before you is a Mom who tries hard to be the best, in addition to a vision of sexually enticing perfection. When I walk into the room, all eyes are on me, and that's my intention. When I dress up, you know I'm making a statement.

No Limits with MILF Alicia!

The same goes for sex. When your body looks like mine, it would almost be a sin to not take advantage by wearing outfits that accentuate my physique. And that's exactly what I do. Mini skirts, short tight shirts, and high heels are what make me feel the most sexy. They're what makes all the boys gawk and drool. Not only do I want all eyes on me, but I crave all the physical attention that goes along with being the center of someone's world.

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I want you to know how confident I am in my skin, while also letting you know that my slutty holes are ready for some hard-core fucking action, all day long. After that good fuck, I'm ready for Round 2. That's if you do things right, though. Since I'm sassy, don't test my patience. I'll make you pay for not being naughty enough with me in Round 3... If we make it that far.

Mommy Phone Sex!