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Mommy Gia knows exactly what you need from her. You wake up every morning with that huge, hard cock. Sneaking a pair of mommy's dirty panties, rubbing them all over your cock and balls. Trying to cum before anybody walks in to your room. I know you wish mommy would walk in, still wearing her sexy nightie and catch you stroking that cock. Do you think I will be mad and punish you or excited to pleasure you?

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Don't you think that it's time that you just stop fantasizing about your Mommy, and get some real experience? You know that is what Mommy's are for, right? To teach young men all the things that they need to know? Didn't I help you with your homework? Well, why would this be any different. A boy has to be taught how to be a man -- and haven't I always been the best teacher?

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I want you to explore every inch of my body. I will teach you to please a woman just right.I know you love Mommy's titties, now it's your turn to get those nipples nice and hard. Slip your fingers down to my pussy -- see what you can discover. Are you ready for Mommy to ride that cock? I want you to slide it deep inside me -- I need to teach you how to fuck. I don't care how many lessons it takes.

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Remember Mommy wants to make you a man - we are going to suck and fuck till everything cums together. Can you cum for Mommy? Mommy knows she can cum for you...